So This is the Game Everyone is Talking About!

Salute, the UK's premier gaming event, took place on Saturday, 16 March. According to Osprey's Joseph McCullough. In the Osprey Blog, Joe says, "For Osprey it was a record-breaking year at Salute, driven by the release of Force on Force and the first companion book Road to Baghdad. My poor little pocket knife got a real workout as we continuously opened new boxes of books."

The Osprey booth sold out of Force on Force, as did the Empress Miniatures booth. By all reports sales of the book were brisk at the booths of three or four other vendors, too. Another source stated that a man approached the Osprey Booth, picked up a copy of Force on Force, and said, "Ah! So THIS is the game everyone is talking about!"

While all the frantic book buying was going down in the vendor area, The Search Club was putting on an amazing Cold War Gone Hot game that pitted the Soviets against the stalwart French defenders of a village. Pictures are available on our forum and they're amazing!

This is all very exciting to those of us here at Ambush Alley Games, and we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Osprey and The Escape Club for being our ambassadors at Salute! We couldn't have asked for better representatives!

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