What Scale Should I Use?


One of the most common questions from new Force on Force players is, “What scale should I use?”

It’s a very good question, and you’ll probably get a different answer (or at least a different rationale for an answer) from everyone you ask. There are some that say 20mm is the only way to go, thanks to the abundance of 1/72 scale models, pre-built (and pre-painted) kits, and the excellent new figures coming from companies like Elhiem Miniatures. Others say 15mm is the best way to go because it’s less expensive, takes up less space, and is more forgiving to paint. I’ll leave the on-going argument between 20mm and 15mm enthusiasts as to which scale has the most figures and vehicles available – but I would point out that between QRF, Rebel Minis, and Old Glory, there’s not much missing from the 15mm arsenal. Finally there are the 28mm boosters who point out that the extra detail of the larger figures makes up for the extra cost and space requirements. If you’ve seen Empress or Eureka Miniatures’ new stuff you can see that that’s a pretty strong argument, too.

So which scale is best?

For most people, I think this decision comes down to two factors:

1. Is there already an established scale in your gaming area? Let’s face it, if all the guys at the local game store or all the grognards in you game club are already fixated on a scale, you’re probably not going to change their minds. You have two options, basically – either go with the popular scale or get comfortable with the idea of painting the friendly and opfor figures yourself, because nobody else is likely to lend you a hand.

2. Assuming that there is no established scale in your area or you’re comfortable with painting everything yourself, then the choice is entirely up to you. I suggest you spend some time browsing miniatures sights – chances are there are going to be specific figures that speak to you and help you decide what scale to go with. If that doesn’t work, buy some samples of multiple scales, paint them, and look at them on your table – then follow your gut.

Whatever scale you end up with, have fun with it! For most gamers, painting and collecting armies is as much fun as actually playing games!

You can find an interesting poll on this subject on our forum, located HERE

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